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All of Your Beeswax - Business and Life Lessons for Kids and Parents

Jul 21, 2018

What does 90 + 50 = 140 have to do with the lyrics of the All Of Your Beeswax theme song? In this episode, we answer this question while analyzing the entire AOYB theme song, line by line for you. 

Special thanks to Mike and Izabela from for producing the theme song for us, and we hope you like it, too!

Maybe it's already stuck in your head? :)

Here are the lyrics below in case you didn't know for sure:

It doesn't matter if you're big or small,

If you have the best ideas or none at all. 

It's Pat (he's the dad), and Keoni (that's his son), 

There's gonna talk business and together have some fun!

They'll figure it out and ask all the questions, 

Win or fail it's always a lesson.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,

What really matters is the reaction you choose.

Keepin' it strong for your mental fitness,

Other haters be like, "Hey man none of your business."

Hey no worries, here's the real fact, 

It's time to start the show it's All Of Your Beeswax,

All of your Beeswax!

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